The Lexington School for Recording Arts

The Lexington School for Recording Arts

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Elements of Production

The reason we call it the entertainment business is because there is a big business behind the entertainment. It’s great if you know how to use sophisticated cameras to shoot video or how to use high end mics to record a song, but if that’s all you know you’re limited to employee status. Understanding the business side of entertainment enables your potential to expand exponentially.

During the Elements of Production part of our curriculum students learn about copyrights and contracts and the legalese associated with those types of documents, they learn about business ethics and how to apply them, they learn about marketing and how to make it effective, they learn about producers in the past and what made them successful, and they learn about psychology and why it’s important to understand the human condition. Students will then do one last project that incorporates all aspects of what they’ve learned in A/V production for one final grade.

Music Theory and Modern Music

We teach practical theory, theory that can be used every day in the studio. Even if you don’t play any instruments, engineers and producers need to know the ideas behind how music is written. After all, theory is like a musical language for the studio. If you’re not speaking the same language, communication can break down quickly.

Music Theory 1 is the foundation. How to build chords, utilizing the circle of fifths, key signatures, time signatures and other central principles of music comprehension are covered. So many of our students enter this class thinking they know it and quickly begin to understand the meaning behind what they may have been taught in the past.

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