The Lexington School for Recording Arts

The Lexington School for Recording Arts

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The Lexington School for Recording Arts (LSRA) offers career training in all areas of the music/entertainment industry.   Never online, always hands-on. Small class sizes guarantees one-on-one instruction. Our programs are designed to fit hectic lifestyles.

LSRA, the only licensed audio/video propriety education facility in the state of Kentucky,  is uniquely housed inside the Long Island Recording Studio.  Students are exposed to real-life industry situations that prepare them for the future.

Have the courage to follow your dreams!  We can help turn them into reality!

AVT, Audio Video Technology

Entertainment and Emerging Technologies

Comprehensive Audio Engineering Courses

Waves, Mastering, Studio Experience

Music Video

Green Screen/Chroma Keying


Music Business

Entertainment Psychology

Stage Lighting

Live Sound

Live Performance

Our school takes the student back to the origins of recording…. analog, which is rooted in the science of sound and physics! Although there are four branches of physics, we are primarily concerned with acoustics. We lead the student from the beginning, analog, all the way to the current formats available today. There are many concepts, techniques and procedures that are vital to a successful outcome. We incorporate all of integral parts of audio recording and video, nestle them in well-established suites that are particularly pertinent in a creative atmosphere….Long Island Recording Studios, the largest and most well equipped space of its kind in the region.

Grandparents grew up on AM radio and parents, FM. Today, the medium of choice is visual. Younger generations watch new music on their smart phones. Now optics, which is also a part of physics, is blending with acoustics to form digital music video. Because of this marriage of sound and sight the music business has rapidly changed over the past three decades. LSRA students get the foundation of music and entertainment history. Not having knowledge of the past, would be similar to a tree without roots….it may look pretty, but won’t stand the test of time.  

Our graduating students have the knowledge of the past, the skills and techniques of today, and a thirst for tomorrow.

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